automatic driving lessons colchester

automatic driving lessons colchester

Driving Lessons 

At Hero Driving School: Please note, before you can start your driving lessons with Hero Driving School, you must have already applied for and received your provisional UK driving licence. The provisional license is a photo card that displays your name, address, unique driver number and details the type of vehicle you are eligible to drive. 

This must be kept, as you need to show the licence when you go for your Theory and Hazard Perception test and your Practical test. You can now apply online for a first provisional driving licence from the DVLA website.  


You can only apply for a UK provisional driving licence online if: 

You are a resident of the UK You meet the minimum age requirement You meet the minimum eyesight requirement You are currently not prevented from driving for any reason You have a valid UK passport or another proof of identity You can provide the addresses of where you have lived during the last three years Applying for your provisional licence online is quicker and you can pay £34.00 for it with MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Electron, Delta or a Solo debit or credit card. 

driving lessons in colchester 

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